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Unlimited Prices

Four Step Ultra Gloss
Hot Lava, Speed Gloss, Polymer Coating, Pressure Seal Wax, Rust Inhibitor, Bug Prep, Under Body Wash, Wheel Glo, Ultra Tire Shine, Triple Polish
$44.99 Per Month
Grand Slam
Hot Lava, Ultra Tire Shine, Speed Gloss, Wheel Glo, Under Body Wash, Bug Prep, Triple Plish
$34.99 Per Month

Car Wash Prices

Four Step Ultra Gloss
Comes with everything from the Grand Slam, in addition to a new industry leading 2 part Polymer Coating and Pressure Seal Wax.
$29.99 $31.99
Grand Slam
Comes with our signature Hot Carnauba Wax, Lava Bath Polish, and a premium Clear Coat Conditioner, in addition to everything from the “Wash Wheels” package
$15 $17
Wash, Wheels & Shine
Hot wax, bug prep, wheel brite, tire shine, triple polish, underbody.
$10 $12
Basic Wash
Bug prep, rinse, high velocity air dry
$4.99 $6.99
Choice Add (Wheel Brite, Underbody, Clear Coat Conditioner & Protectant, Tire Shine) $7.50 $9.50